Seller Terms and Conditions

The General Terms and Conditions also apply to the sale accounts, however some added terms and conditions for this type of account. See general terms and conditions here

Copyright & Ownership

The copyright and the ownership of the images or items that you upload is still be own by you, however you give the right to use on the website, marketing (e.g. Emails, Ads), Resale with agree license. You will not in anyway sued or try any lawsuit against the ADAMS SOFTWARE LTD, Owners, Shareowner or any person that buy the items.


You agree for us to sell the items / images with the agreed license set out in licenses and understand that new version will be made over time and the old version will be taken out of used. You also agree that you or the company may take out lawsuit on your behave if someone violation the license. You are able to add more freedom to the licenses though the general terms and conditions of the sale.

Selling and translation

Sellers and buyers are responsible for complying with all laws and regulations applicable to international sales, purchases. All pricing will include any VAT / Sales Tax if any are due. If any VAT is due it will be pass to the saller, it may be combine with platform fee and show up as one fee though the payment gateway (e.g. Stripe: Application Fee = Platform Fee + VAT). All sales with have a platform fee of 35% of the sale and any other fee (e.g. gateway fee) will be the responsible for the seller. WaveOfArt will take no responsible for any action of the payment gateways.

VAT Number

Due to law in the UK, If the seller is VAT registration they must supply their VAT number and agree that the VAT number will be shown on the site. The seller must register for VAT if they over the VAT threshold. If a seller fails to enter a valid VAT number when there are VAT registration or over VAT threshold there account will be terminated.


You must obey UK / EU laws on refund on sales, you are able to refund the customer when need or would like to. The perform can anytime make refund on any sale for anything, this could be due to technical reasons or customer complaints. As a seller you much do everything as possible to avoid any chargeback, if we think that you are getting too many chargeback or refund, we may and have the right to terminate your account.