Seller FAQ

Why use WaveOfArt platform?

The benefit of the platforms is that you have a CV and a place where you can sell your images without the need to spread your own time and money in building and hosting a shopping site or a CV website. It also a great place for you to find new idea for your own photos.

Can I use my WaveOfArt profile address on my Curriculum Vitae?

Yes, the very idea of the profile is to allow you to have a place where you can easily show your artwork and to act as a Curriculum Vitae (CV). The idea of WaveOfArt started out as an online CV for artist them evolve to have a market place added on it. We recommend that you do add your profile link to your CV.

Can I use my WaveOfArt profile address on marketing materials (e.g. posters, business cards)?

We highly recommend that you put your profile address or image gallery address on your marketing materials in order to hopefully increase the sells of your photos / images, also increase the amount of people that see your photos.

What is the platform fee?

Due to the cost of running this platform, there is a small fee to each sale, the amount of fee is 35% of the sale. This fee will be review in the future and will hope to be able to lower the fee. The fee is aim to cover the cost of running, development the platform and small profit.

How long does it take for a photo to get approve?

It can take up to 72 hours but it may take long, this maybe due to holidays, emergency, or unforeseen event.

Why did the photo not get approve?

There can be many reasons that a photo may not get approve, it may be a simple that there a delay in approval process or that the photo have violated the term and condition of the website (e.g. pornographic... ). You may be contact on why it has not been approved. If you want to know more why a photo has not been approved please do use the contact us form.

How can I help to get my photos to sale more?

We cannot guarantee that any photos will sale at all, however we highly recommend that you put image gallery address link on all marketing materials (e.g. posters, business cards) and for you to advise people to buy your photos though the platform. We also advice and ask that you tell people about the platform and about your photos on the platform though social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google plus) and at conventions (e.g. comic con, photograph).

What is a payment gateway?

Payment gateways fulfil a vital role in the e-commerce transaction process, authorizing the payment between merchant and customer. Also may deal with KYC (“know your customer “) and other regulations. Popular payment gateways include PayPal/Braintree, Stripe, and Square. We only pick payment gateways that fulfil all regulations (e.g. PCI) and are well known. We do not deal with any credit card information but use the payment gateways to deal with them, in order to keep the customer data and transaction to be secure and site to be total PCI compliance.

If something goes wrong what should I do?

The best thing to do is fill out the contact us form, and we will have a look into it as soon as we are able to and get back to you as soon as possible. If the problem is something to do with sale it may be good idea to contact the payment gateway. If the problem is that you're not getting email from the platform, then please check the junk or spam box in your email system if you do find the email in them mark it as not spam / junk. If you still cannot get the email contact us by using the contact us form, so we are able to look into it.

What should I do if customer ask for refund?

There allows going to be some customer soon or later that will ask for a refund, we recommend that the best thing to do this just give the refund them contact us with much detail as possible on why there ask for a refund, so we be able to looking into if there any problems and help us to keep an eye on people, so we are able to workout more easy pick out people who may be trying to abuse the refund system and block from buying any more products.