About Us

WaveOfArt was made to allow independent artists to show off their artwork and sell their photos without the need to have there only website with can be very costly, it also arm to help artists to find work by allowing them to have there only profile that act like a CV. that there can easily give out to new employers.

The site is only getting started and will evolve of time, we aim to make life easy for the artists and welcome feedback in order to make it better.

There have been many ideas that come before WaveOfArt, this site was a combined of the same of the best ideas. One of the ideas was to make a shopping site, this was not really aim to make any money but to try new website framework that just come out and could up with a framework that could allow to be a shopping site easily. You could say that it was going to be a more a learning project.

A different idea was to be a CV website for artists but I found this idea not so great as it would be too small and there will be little benefit. So two ideas were combined in order to make a workable idea that would help artists more than a have different website sites on their own.